Whey Power Plus® is an HCG Diet Dream Protein!

We manufacture one of the few 100% pure whey protein isolate shakes that is perfect people on HCG diets.

Our protein is suitable for Atkins Diets and is far superior to eating meat of any kind, it is 100% bio-available and low in calories while high in nutrients and amino acids. Our product is low in calories, low in carbs, fat free and sugar free. We only use a special non bitter stevia for a sweetener. Eating a high protein diet will help keep you slimmer and help keep your insulin levels low.

Whey Power Plus® is excellent for HCG diets and was designed for HCG dieting in 1998! We provide wholesale prices to you, our customers, so expensive whey protein isolate is affordable without the middle man mark up. Similar products like Jay Robb sell 10 ounces for $22 or more! 

With Whey Power Plus® you get 4 pounds of whey protein isolate for $87.96! Other Brands would cost you $160.00 in the store. You save over $70.00!

Whey Power Plus® delivers high quality, 100% biologically available whey protein isolate in a tasty, convenient shake and is the lowest carb shake on the market!  Call us at 1-877-552-3033 to order now.

Whey Power Plus® uses a proprietary enzyme blend technology in combination with the safe sweetener stevia. A similar product in the health food store is $100 more and they do not use the enzyme technology. Whey Power Plus® is far superior to anything else on the market.

Whey Power Plus® contains whey protein isolate, which is the purest and most absorbable form of whey protein in existence. It is fat, lactose, cholesterol free and gluten free!

We only use the whey protein isolate which has all the health benefits and not the inexpensive casein that causes health problems! 

Whey Power Plus® is cross-flow-micro-filtered, which is the cleanest processing technique, using no chemicals and no heat (as opposed to ion exchange processing, which uses both heat and chemicals), thereby producing

whey protein that is highly undenatured, with almost 100% of all the whey sub-fractions intact, including the powerful immune booster lactoferrin.

Plain whey protein is a cheaper product containing fat and casein, casein causes weight gain! Whey protein which costs less money because it contains inexpensive whey protein, not pure whey protein isolate.

Our whey protein isolate protein powder is available to the public at a discount in comparison to health food store prices as a service to our customers.

Whey protein isolate has been found to extend life span in mice which equals an equivalent in 9.6 human years.

Whey protein isolate raises glutathione levels, it protects against tissue damage induced by inflammation.

Glutamine found in our shake is a preferred fuel source for support of epithelial cells lining the small intestine. It is rapidly utilized by tissues during catabolic states, such as gastrointestinal dysfunction among children.

Some of the many anti-aging benefits of whey protein isolate are:

  • Mitochondrial biogenesis, Bone growth, Muscle support, Anticancer defense,
  • Anti-inflammatory protection, antioxidant enhancement, anti-hypertensive effect
  • Anti-microbial activity, cholesterol reduction, mood balancing, improved cognitive function, reduced sarcopenia